Don't compromise!

Scale your business with Powerful system and automations

There are so many platforms.

Facebook PM, Instagram DM, WhatsApp, email, Line, Telegram and more….

Even if you as a business owner use some of them, I know that you still find it difficult to manage the leads, knowing who to call back and when, who is the hottest lead on the list and who are the leads who are just bored and chose to start a conversation with you because maybe in the future they will need the service or product.

We at WG know the problem, we experienced it firsthand and after wasting time we realized that we have to manage the leads in a smarter way.

So if a deal of $10,000 comes in one moment, we will know it and prioritize it over a lead that needs the product or service two months from now. how?

Using existing tools, we created a single system that automatically attracts referrals from all contact channels. A system that contains advanced statuses and labels so that you can at any given moment filter the customer segment you want.

Do you know the saying "time is money"? So here at WG we save you money and save you time all while creating a close tracking platform for the leads.

In addition: we know how to create reports and data tracking for you that will inform you about closing deals, lost customers, customers by deal size and more! All you have to do is click