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Marketing, branding and Creating quality content

In the past, when someone opened a store or business, he had to advertise through word of mouth, ads in the local newspaper and flyers distributed from house to house.

Some of the methods exist and still work today, for example word of mouth, but most of them are outdated and ineffective.

Want to bring in new customers? The methods for this are

Logo for your business

A logo is your recognition signal, you must invest thought in the Logo you want to be identified with, its colors and its shape.

An excellent logo for example is Apple's, who doesn't know this logo?

Our graphic designers have been through a lot of business owners know how to create an interesting logo that sets you apart from other competitors in the market.

Content and storytelling:

Who is the business, what is its vision and what are the services and solutions it provides. But in today's era it is not enough to just tell a story, you have to keep it unique, original and interesting. This is where our content writers and storytellers come in. Their goal is to create your unique story in a marketing and interesting way. Attract the audience to want and understand about you and your business and actually add some "pepper".

Choose our content writers and bring your true self out.

Creating content and creating relationships with influencers

Today, due to the increased use of smartphones, our eyes are sensitive to content and will not stop scrolling for anyone. We have found that the best way to attract customers to stop on your ad is through interesting, attractive or funny videos and another way is to have film content of a known personality with tons of followers (network influencers).

Our content creators and influencer community managers are here to create and find for you the exact and unique content that will suit you.

Which of course leads me to sponsored advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Google and more.


Of the 219 million Americans registered on Facebook, close to 200 million of them make daily use of Facebook, when the scope of their daily browsing hours is an average of 4 hours a day!

According to surfing studies conducted among American surfers, it appears that the weekends are the Americans' favorite time for surfing Facebook.During the week, the average American surfer spends between two and three hours daily, mainly in the afternoon until late evening.

It is important for us that you know: we at the WG company, provide you with a social media department that specializes in managing advertising moves on Facebook, alongside ongoing management of the business Facebook page. These services are based, among other things, on the findings of various studies regarding the browsing habits of all of us on Facebook, and this alongside our in-depth familiarity with the tools of the Facebook advertising system.


According to statistics, an Instagram user is two and a half times more likely to click on your ad than a user of any other social network.

As a business owner, you are probably active in a variety of social networks as well, and if you have already experienced uploading content to Instagram, you have probably recognized yourself that the amount of user/surfer interaction is the highest on this platform.

In addition, those who use Instagram to build themselves as a brand (lecturers, Internet marketing experts, etc.) find that they gather a quality community for themselves much faster than any other channel.

Here are some things you must know about advertising on Instagram:

There are several types of ads you can use, Instagram offers advertisers three options for ads:

  • Image ad
  • video ad
  • carousel


Image ads allow the brand to tell its story, and provoke the target audience to take a certain action (usually to purchase a product or leave details).

A video ad gives a brand 30 seconds to convey its marketing message in the most creative way it can think of.

And finally, a carousel ad is actually an image ad that's many times stronger. It allows the viewer to see several images as part of a single ad and move between them, thus offering a greater amount of opportunities to trigger the desired action.

In WG you will find Instagrammers who know the system in the most professional way and are always learning about all the innovations that take place on the platform